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Digiotouch debuts Slush 2023, a leading startup event in Finland, with its upPE-T VR app at booth C9 on 1st December 2023. Simran, an intern at Digiotouch along with Soumya will undertake the innovation showcase at Slush 2023. 

Launched on 13th November 2023, on the first day of the Africa Tech Festival, the upPE-T VR app offers visualization of complex industrial processes using 360-degree, immersive videos. Visitors to booth C9 will experience interactive demonstrations of six industrial processes, insightful presentations, and witness how the app can empower businesses towards their sustainability goals. 

The upPE-T VR, developed within the scope of the EU-funded upPE-T project, raises awareness about sustainability & and plastic upcycling, its benefits, and different industrial processes through multiple 360-degree, immersive videos. In this app, one will learn about R&D processes undertaken by the upPE-T project partners - Eco Plastics, Enzymicals, CTCR, Moses Productos, CETEC, and CETEC-BIO. This 4-year project has also launched a European Citizens Awareness Platform (ECAP) to increase awareness of products and materials upcycling capacity, bring positive environmental benefits by decreasing 85.6% CO2 compared to conventional plastics production, and contribute to European and international standards and certification schemes. 

Download upPE-T VR from Google Play.

Legal Attribution: Google Play and the Google Play logo are trademarks of Google LLC. 

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