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About Us

Digiotouch, a fast-growing deep-tech start-up based in France and Estonia, is specialized in developing and commercializing secure, cloud-based digital solutions for industries. 


Digiotouch solutions are delivered through a cloud-based, secure Paradise Platform and Digiotouch Edge (Edge Computing Platform). They incorporate IoT common service functions including remote monitoring, device management, data visualization, end-to-end security, secure data storage, and machine learning-powered data analysis.


The groundbreaking industrial research & innovation activities of Digiotouch have received funding from two H2020 (upPE-TZeroW) and four Horizon Europe (DIVINEBIAS, Threading-CO2, openDBL) projects. The company is currently undertaking R&D on data space development, de-biasing AI systems, and sustainability.

Meet Our Team


Soumya Kanti Datta

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CEO & Management Board Member


Harshal Parekh

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Full-Stack Software Developer


Nataliia Kinash

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AI Software Developer


Aya Kalassina

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Digital Marketing Intern


Debolina Paul

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Project Manager & Business Developer


Abhishek Jaiswal

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Graphic Designer


Fernanda D'Acosta

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Business Development Specialist


Maria Aiello

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Sustainability Expert


Simran Bhavsar

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Marketing and SEO Specialist


Ali Issa

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Life Cycle Assessment Analyst

Meet Our Previous Interns

Ria Maheshwari, Machine Learning Intern, USA.

Ayewumi Ajiboye, IoT Intern, Norway.

Manish Shibu, Business Intern, France.

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