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The Project

The BIAS project focuses on addressing concerns regarding the use of AI, particularly Natural Language Processing (NLP) tools, in the labor market. These AI systems can inadvertently perpetuate biases present in their training data, leading to unfair decisions in recruitment, training, and monitoring of employees. Such biases conflict with the European Pillar of Social Rights and the UN's Sustainable Development Goals. Despite efforts to promote equality in European employment, studies show discrimination based on factors like gender, nationality, and sexual orientation. The BIAS project aims to understand and rectify how AI in the labor market either exacerbates or helps alleviate this discrimination.

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Our Role

Digiotouch leads a work package on Intellectual Property (IP) rights management and protection and exploitation of BIAS results. It is going to develop an open-source code publication strategy, business planning of BIAS exploitable results, and their customer validation with FARPLAS. In addition to that, it has configured a federated cloud infrastructure for the AI researchers to train their models with anonymized data and will contribute to the debiaser tool development.

Our Partners

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University of Iceland
Smart Venice
University Leiden
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Funded by the European Union. The Associated Partner Bern University of Applied Sciences has received funding from the Swiss State Secretariat for Education, Research and lnnovation (SERI).

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