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Digiotouch is excited and honored to be part of the esteemed Estonian delegation attending the Africa Tech Festival 2023, taking place in Cape Town from November 13-16. The delegation, under the leadership of Sandra Särav, Deputy Secretary General for Economy and Innovation from The Estonian Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications, represents a growing collaboration and exchange between Estonia and Africa.

Innovation Showcases by Digiotouch

Digiotouch’s Founder and CEO, Soumya Kanti Datta, will introduce and launch upPE-T VR, a mobile app offering visualization of complex industrial processes using 360-degree, immersive videos. Additionally, Digiotouch will exhibit Digiotouch Academy, a Generative AI-powered EdTech platform, at the Trade Estonia booth (no. H60). Visitors to the booth will experience interactive demonstrations, and insightful presentations, and witness firsthand the impact of these solutions in transforming businesses towards their sustainability goals.


Spotlight on Sustainability and Technology

The upPE-T VR, developed within the scope of the EU-funded upPE-T project, raises awareness about sustainability & plastic upcycling, its benefits, and different industrial processes through multiple 360-degree, immersive videos. In this app, you will learn about R&D processes undertaken by the upPE-T project partners - Eco Plastics, Enzymicals, CTCR, Moses Productos, CETEC, and CETEC-BIO. This 4-year project has also launched a European Citizens Awareness Platform (ECAP) to increase awareness of products and materials upcycling capacity, bring positive environmental benefits by decreasing 85.6% CO2 compared to conventional plastics production, and contribute to European and international standards and certification schemes.

Digiotouch Academy, on the other hand, is a cloud-based, secure, Generative AI-powered EdTech platform. It has also been developed as a part of the upPE-T project as a MOOC platform and currently hosts a MOOC on different aspects of sustainability. It demonstrates the company’s dedication to digital, on-demand, lifelong learning initiatives and movements toward a greener and better skill for the future.


Founder's Participation in Founder's Day

Adding to the excitement, Soumya will also participate in an official side event, Founder Day - Powered by Startup Club ZA. This exclusive event for founders is crafted to enhance start-ups' success by offering diverse perspectives, pinpointing challenges, and leveraging veteran entrepreneurial insights. Soumya’s presence at this event underscores Digiotouch's commitment to fostering entrepreneurial spirit and innovation.

Fostering Cross-Continent Networks

The Africa Tech Festival is not just about showcasing technology; it's a hub for creating lasting connections. Digiotouch eagerly anticipates networking with innovators, entrepreneurs, and potential partners, aiming to foster technological progress across Africa. Soumya will join the UVU Africa networking session with e-Estonia, “Fireside Chat: Unlocking Africa´s Potential: Benefits of Digital Transformation in Africa Fireside Chat: Unlocking Africa´s Potential: Benefits of Digital Transformation in Africa”.


Experience Technology and Innovation with Digiotouch

Join us at the Africa Tech Festival 2023 to experience the forefront of technological innovation and digital transformation with Digiotouch. Let's come together to innovate, inspire, and reshape the digital world.

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