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Mr. Soumya Kanti Datta is the Founder and CEO of Digiotouch. He is responsible for Business Development and Paradise IoT Platform ecosystem Development in Digiotouch. He has seven years of R&D experiences on Massive IoT, Interoperability, Cybersecurity, and Standardization (oneM2M, W3C).


Soumya has previously contributed to French national, EIT Digital and EU H2020 research projects. He has developed the Cloud based, secure Paradise IoT platform based oneM2M IoT and W3C WoT standards ensuring interoperability. He has published 80+ research papers and articles in top ACM and IEEE publications. His research paper has been cited 1400+ times in peer reviewed publications establishing him as an influencer in the IoT. He is also recipient of several awards for his IoT research and leadership from IEEE WF-IoT 2019 (Ireland), IEEE ICII 2018 (USA), IEEE Tensymp 2018 (Australia), IEEE ISCE 2017 (Malaysia), and IEEE GCCE 2015 (Japan). Soumya is a Senior Member of IEEE. He regularly delivers Industrial Keynote and Tutorial speeches in international technical and business conferences. Soumya graduated with an M.Sc. in Communications and Computer Security from Telecom ParisTech, France in January 2012.  


Ms. Ria Maheshwari is an intern on Machine Learning and Product Management. She is currently a student in Master of Information Systems Management program at Carnegie Mellon University, USA. Her background includes projects and research with a focus on Machine Learning, Data Science, and Analytics. 


Dr. Thomas Coughlin is a Digital Transformation Consultant (North America) in Digiotouch.

Tom is the President of Coughlin Associates, USA and is a widely respected digital storage analyst as well as a business and technology consultant. Tom has over 36 years in the data storage industry with engineering and management positions at high profile companies. Tom is an IEEE Fellow and President-Elect of IEEE USA.


Mr. Lee Stogner, PMP is a Digital Transformation Consultant (Europe) in Digiotouch.

Lee serves in Executive Positions in several corporations that drive improved business performance using technologies that include Business Innovation, Digital Transformation, Project Management, Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence. Lee has over 35 years of design, consulting, project management and business development experience across a range of industries.

Chitra Balakrishna.png

Dr. Chitra Balakrishna is a Senior Researcher and Principal Investigator on MEC and IoT research projects in Digiotouch.

Chitra received her PhD in Mobile Telecommunications in 2008. She has more than 10 years of experience in Mobile Telecommunications (University of South Wales, UK), Networks & Services (Centre of Excellence for Mobile Applications and Services), Cyber security and IoT (Edge Hill University, UK). She is a member of IEEE, and has published numerous research papers in peer reviewed IEEE publications. You can find her full CV at -


Debolina Paul is a Business Developer in Digiotouch for the Europe and APAC. She has more than five years of international experience of working in India and France. She has been working as a Project Management Officer within the strategy execution and integration team of CEO Office of Amadeus. As a part of her role, she performed KPI monitoring, cost-benefit analysis, and also organized stakeholders workshop ensuring milestone handovers in Madrid and Nice. Debolina worked as a Project Manager on Digital Technologies in Salomon where she benchmarked five commercial SaaS solutions, managed implementation of an internal Salomon SaaS Platform, coordinated project milestones, and budget. Prior to that, she has been a Product Manager in Future Tech Lab in India analyzing Digital Transformation for Indian market and co-organizing international marketing events. In addition to these roles, Debolina is proficient in CRM and 360-degree marketing strategy development. She has an MBA from IAE Nice, France.

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