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Digiotouch joined an Estonian Trade Mission under the leadership of Undersecretary Ms. Mariin Ratnik from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Estonia in Nairobi in April 2024. The delegation comprised of Estonian EdTech and ICT companies that participated in the Connected Africa Summit 2024. 

Our CEO introduced Digiotouch Academy, a Generative AI-powered EdTech platform that is well positioned to strengthen the African Union’s Agenda 2063 and Kenya Vision 2030. 

Alignment with Kenya's Vision 2030

Discussions at the summit resonated with Kenya's development goals, particularly regarding the green economy, digital trade, and e-commerce. This underscores Digiotouch's commitment to leveraging technology for sustainable economic growth while prioritizing environmental responsibility. 

Focus on Digital Skills

Digiotouch Academy is aligned with the increasing importance of digital skills for economic prosperity and seamless transition to Green ICT & Circular Economy. The platform offers tailored digital skill development programs aligned with local market demands, preparing individuals for success in the evolving digital landscape. 

Regulatory Landscape

Discussions highlighted the need for more specific AI regulations alongside existing data protection laws in Kenya. This presents an opportunity for further development, ensuring responsible and ethical AI implementation.

International Collaboration

The summit showcased broader collaboration opportunities, exemplified by the Estonia-EU-Kenya partnership through initiatives like the Digital for Development (D4D) Hub (Team Europe), Estonian Business and Innovation Agency, Estonian Centre for International Development, and Digital Nation. Digiotouch's involvement reinforces its dedication to fostering international partnerships for mutual growth and development. 

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