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Digiotouch, one of our project partners leading the dissemination and communication efforts for the openDBL project, attended Latitude59, Tallinn's premier startup and technology event, held from May 22nd to 24th, 2024. The event provided an excellent platform for Digiotouch to present and disseminate the Horizon Europe openDBL project.

Funded by the European Commission and developed in collaboration with 13 strategic European partners, openDBL is developing a digital system designed to monitor and manage large buildings in real time. This system tracks a variety of environmental and structural data, including energy consumption, CO2 levels, temperature, occupancy, air quality, humidity, and volatile organic compounds. In the end, the project will standardize building information management (BIM) within the AECO industry, using advanced technology to streamline processes and integrate best practices for sustainability and efficiency.


During the event, the Digiotouch team engaged with a diverse audience, including BIM engineers, tech sector leaders, entrepreneurs, and investors. Discussions centered on how openDBL could impact BIM by introducing harmonized processes, improving data accessibility and transparency, and fostering seamless stakeholder collaboration.

Building on the engagement from Latitude59, we are dedicated to integrating valuable feedback to enhance openDBL's capabilities further. Stay tuned for updates as we continue to work towards establishing openDBL as the industry standard for digital building logbooks.

For more information about the openDBL project, please visit

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