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The Digiotouch team participated in Latitude59 Tallinn's premier startup and technology event, held from May 22nd to 24th, 2024. This event brought together tech ecosystems from around the world, providing a platform for entrepreneurs, investors, and leaders to learn, connect, and network. Latitude59 was the perfect venue for Digiotouch to launch and showcase its latest innovation, Digiotouch AI


Digiotouch AI is a generative AI powered automation tool designed for transcription, translation, and summary generation from conversations. It aims to enhance productivity by providing accurate transcripts and action items that capture every detail and key decision, allowing users to maintain full focus during meetings. Developed through comprehensive research into meeting behaviors and practices, Digiotouch AI helps organizations save time and money while avoiding meeting overload. Additionally, it ensures confidentiality, data privacy, and end-to-end security.

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At Latitude59, Digiotouch AI received enthusiastic feedback from entrepreneurs, investors, and executives, highlighting its potential to streamline meeting workflows and boost productivity. This positive reception was instrumental in validating Digiotouch AI’s market readiness and its applicability across various sectors. The feedback provided valuable insights into specific needs and preferences, allowing the Digiotouch team to identify areas for further improvement and customization.


In addition to launching Digiotouch AI, Digiotouch showcased two of its R&D projects:

openDBL Project: One-Step Digital Logbook Building Solution

Funded by the European Commission and developed with 13 European partners, openDBL is developing a digital system to monitor and manage large buildings in real time, tracking data like energy consumption, CO2 levels, and air quality. The Digiotouch team engaged with BIM engineers, tech leaders, entrepreneurs, and investors, discussing how openDBL could revolutionize building information management by standardizing processes, improving data accessibility, and fostering collaboration. Digiotouch leads the dissemination and communication efforts for the openDBL project.

BIAS Project: Trustworthy AI for Recruitment

Funded by the European Union’s Horizon Europe Research and Innovation program and developed with 9 partners, the BIAS project addresses AI bias in the labor market. It aims to create fair and transparent AI tools for recruitment, training, and employee monitoring. The Digiotouch team engaged with HR professionals and tech leaders, exploring how BIAS project can ensure ethical and effective AI applications in the workplace. Digiotouch leads a work package on intellectual property (IP) rights management and the protection and exploitation of BIAS results.

Overall, Latitude59 was an excellent opportunity to engage with industry leaders and exchange ideas on our future innovations. We look forward to leveraging these connections to further our mission of driving technological advancements. Until next year!



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