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LEARNTEC, Europe's leading digital learning trade fair, was held from June 4th to 6th, 2024, in Karlsruhe, Germany. Digiotouch Academy was represented by our Business Developer, Fernanda D'Acosta, who explored the latest trends in EdTech and potential collaborations. The event brought together education experts and decision-makers from public and private sectors and different industries, showcasing innovative IT-supported learning methods and technologies for businesses, schools, and higher education institutions.

LEARNTEC featured various product categories, including Education Management, E-Learning Content, Hardware Equipment, and Knowledge Management. This diverse lineup offered an excellent opportunity to expand our network and gain inspiration from exceptional solutions in the educational sector.

Exploring Educational Technology: Digiotouch Academy's Presence at the Estonian Embassy Event.

Digiotouch Academy was honored to receive an invitation from the Embassy of the Republic of Estonia in Germany for the side event "Educational Technology in Estonia: Innovation with Nordic Charm." Organized by the Estonian Embassy, Education Estonia, and Edtech Estonia, this event recognized Digiotouch Academy as a distinguished representative of Estonian EdTech companies.

We were privileged to meet distinguished figures, including Roomet Sõrmus, Diplomat at the Estonian Embassy in Berlin; Prof. Dr. Peter Henning, head organizer of LEARNTEC; and Kaili Terras, Ambassador at Large for Education and EdTech of Estonia. Their enlightening speeches emphasized technology's transformative role in education. Ambassador Terras highlighted Estonia's dedication to accessible, high-quality education, as evidenced by its top ranking in the PISA 2022 standings. She emphasized Estonia's commitment to integrating educational technology and promoting student-centered learning to empower educators and diversify learning opportunities.

A panel discussion followed, featuring insights from Estonian EdTech representatives Joana Jõgela from Praktikal and Märt Lume from Futuclass, along with German education specialists Irune Pérez Gutiérrez and Jana Aguilar Marquez. The discussion focused on integrating EdTech into classrooms and the challenges faced by German professors, such as the need for responsible educational tools and data transparency. Digiotouch's cybersecurity and cloud solutions expertise positions us as a reliable and interactive platform enhanced by Gen AI tools for content creation. This makes Digiotouch Academy an invaluable resource for educators and companies looking to discover the true potential of EdTech.

Overall, LEARNTEC 2024 was an excellent opportunity to engage with industry leaders and exchange ideas on the future of EdTech and AI in education. We look forward to leveraging these connections to further our mission of advancing education through technology.


Fernanda with Diplomat Roomet Sõrmus and Mirjam Loertscher representative of the Estonian Chamber of Commerce in Switzerland.


Fernanda with Ambassador Terras

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