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Breaking New Ground in AI Fairness: BIAS Project's 2nd Plenary Meeting in Switzerland 


The EU-funded Horizon Europe BIAS project, a groundbreaking interdisciplinary initiative, is making waves in the field of Artificial Intelligence (AI) by addressing societal stereotypes and biases, particularly in the labor market. 

A Multifaceted Consortium and Discussions 

The project's 2nd plenary meeting, hosted by the Bern University of Applied Sciences from Switzerland, served as a platform for profound discussions on combating bias in AI. The nine leading partners from nine different countries were involved in forward-looking discussions on AI and Natural Language Processing (NLP) research, social sciences and humanities, diversity and inclusion in organizational HR practices, dissemination and communication, and commercialization. These discussions underscored the project's dedication to creating AI systems that are fair and trustworthy in the context of recruitment and human resource management. 

Impact Strategy 

The project activities have also progressed towards implementing its impact strategy in three key areas: 

  • Awareness Raising: Highlighting the importance of addressing gender and intersectional biases in AI. 

  • Capacity Building: Equipping the AI and HRM community with tools to prevent bias in AI systems. 

  • Product Development: Laying the groundwork for products that companies can use to reduce biases in their HR practices. 

Final note 

The BIAS project represents a significant step forward in bridging the gap between advanced technology and the need for fairness and equity in AI applications. Through its comprehensive approach, combining research, community engagement, and innovative tool development, the BIAS project is set to transform the way AI is used in the labor market, making it more inclusive, fair, and trustworthy. 

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