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International Collaboration

DataSpace2 Project brings together 17 partners from 8 European countries to co-create and test a modular, secure, trust-sensitive, platform-neutral environment for networked data sharing across sectors. Participants' cultural and professional diversity promotes international collaboration so important for the project's success.

Focus on Unity and Interoperability  

Europe faces a pressing challenge: data fragmentation across national borders and industries. To unlock the full potential of data-driven innovation, Europe needs a common data space that would make seamless current geographic and industrial boundaries in the world of data.

Thinking Big

Globally, the project aims to promote innovation and competitiveness, enhance digital sovereignty, and facilitate regulatory compliance within the EU. The Inter-sectoral Data Space Toolkit should break down industry verticals by enabling decentralized and secure data exchange to develop and manage complex apps.

Starting Small but Durable 

At the beginning of the meeting technical lead of the project Stuart Campbell, ICE, conducted an ice-breaking game, the marshmallow challenge that reminded the participants not to forget about prototyping and to focus on durability instead of striving for a perfect, but unrealistic solution. Indeed, a big part of the meeting afterward was devoted to visualizing the customer journey and the needs of the pilot projects.

Empowering the Pilots to Build a Sustainable Future

Digiotouch plays the principal role in providing the cloud infrastructure and supporting the 2 pilot projects with data migration. The pilots' projects are City Scape(Romania) which targets creating a dataspace that would enable modeling of the Green House emissions at residential and public building levels and Green Deal(Slovenia) which focuses on analyzing and evaluating the effects of agriculture, traffic, industry, and households (energy–heating) on GHG emissions and air pollutants, predominantly focusing on Nitrogen dioxide – NO2 and PM2.5/PM10 particles as well as CH4 and N2O.

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