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Transforming Environment, Societies, and Industries

At Digiotouch (DT) Research, we invest our efforts in developing solutions that impact our environment, societies, and international industries. Today, we are pioneering "Digital-First" strategies and the most promising, disruptive technologies shaping the future of Smart Cities, Mobility, Healthcare, Manufacturing & Logistics. DT experts are driven to discover solutions that matter to the customers. Our Digital Transformation methodologies are based on - Open Data, Cybersecurity, Intelligent Cloud & Edge, ICT Standards, Machine Learning, and Mobile Apps.

The Research & Development activities of DT are funded through EU Horizon 2020 Open Calls. DT has received funding from four such projects - Logistics for Manufacturing SMEs (L4MS), ACTIVAGE, Fed4FIRE+, and Triangle 5G. In addition to the industrial R&D, DT has strong experience in IoT and Web of Things (WoT) standards development. DT founder has received grant from EU H2020 project to support oneM2M IoT and W3C WoT Standards development.

Read more about our R&D projects below.

Activity Monitoring and Coaching

     IoT enabled Healthcare Domain

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Paradise IoT Platform.png

Cybersecurity Framework

Cybersecurity Framework for IoT Platforms

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Circular Economy Strategies.png

5G Powered VR

Mobile app for Smart City, Smart Museums

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