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26 April 2019, Tallinn, Estonia

Soumya, Digiotouch Founder, and CEO, will be a Keynote Speaker in the IEEE ZINC 2019 Conference. He will talk about AMICA: Activity Monitoring and Coaching Application for IoT Enabled Healthcare, an ongoing project of Digiotouch that addresses the challenge of daily activity monitoring of elderly people using a Machine Learning approach. AMICA uses Open Data to train a model on Digiotouch Cloud-based, secure Paradise IoT Platform and perform classification on smart devices owned by users. The training and classification are performed in a GDPR-compliant privacy-aware framework. The physical activities recognized are further used to provide healthy coaching (e.g. improving lifestyle, reducing stress) to the users, enabled by the AMICA mobile application.

The ZINC events will provide symposiums, forums, seminars, talks, workshops, tutorials, and product and prototype demonstrations, for researchers and engineers from academia and industry to exchange experience and results on their recent work. This includes but is not limited to all academy and industry members active in the fields of electronics, software engineering, hardware design, consumer applications and devices, new services and platforms, communications and connectivity as well as various enabling technologies and interdisciplinary forms of research with consumer benefit.

The ZINC events include the Zooming Innovation in Consumer Electronics International Conference 2019 (ZINC 2019), which is sponsored by IEEE Serbia and Montenegro section and CE chapter and RT-RK Institute and RT-RK department at the University of Novi Sad. The events will be hosted by RT-RK Institute for Computer Based Systems Novi Sad, an R&D company and national research institute, with strong ties to the University of Novi Sad.

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