IEEE Hands-on Workshop on Industrial IoT Applications and Services

21 - 22 March 2019 | Sensor City, 31 Russell St, Liverpool L3 5LJ, UK

The hands-on workshop and exhibition will bring together Industrial Internet of Things (IoT) strategists, technologists, and developers to engage in a practical learning of applications and services applicable to Industrial IoT business cases.

The IoT workshop, a joint initiative of Liverpool John Moores University, Sensor City, LCR 4.0, and the IEEE Region 8, is a two-day workshop at a world-class venue, Sensor City, providing exposure to Industrial IoT in the overall context of applications and services. This workshop is second in the series of workshops held at Sensor City.

Workshop Objectives

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a pervasive set of technologies that finds application essentially in almost every industry segment, homes, agriculture, healthcare, supply chain, inventory & asset management, and other application domains. Specifically, Industrial IoT (IIoT) addresses automation in the Industry shop floors as well as processes. It is an industrial framework of machines interconnected enabling Machine-to-Machine (M2M) communication and monitored/controlled using software-based platforms. Such a framework provides an immense potential to enhance reliability of the systems using predictive maintenance. Advanced data analytics, a consequence of the infrastructure and processes supplemented with IIoT enable transformational business outcomes with the development of new business models, services, as well as new revenue streams.

The objective of the workshop is to provide the participants with the context and background of IIoT landscape and provide an opportunity to understand the process of developing IIoT solutions by a process of ideating and evaluating potential solutions to specific (scaled-down) problem statements provided at the workshop. The process of solution prototyping will be demonstrated, and the participants will be provided with basic hardware and software required for such an implementation. The prototyping experience will enable the participants to build real solutions in their domains with a potential for implementing the solutions within a short time to the market. The workshop includes an industry panel that will share their insights on IIoT in their contexts.

Why Attend?

The Industrial IoT and Cybersecurity are two of the top skills in demand in the industrial sectors. This hands-on workshop provides you with the opportunity of learning the top technologies, strategies and case studies to advance your career.


Learn hands-on the technologies (Cloud Computing, MEC, Cybersecurity) bringing IIoT to life.

Build Expertise

Develop advanced skills for tomorrow's job market.


Network with European industries working on Industrial IoT Platforms, Applications, and Services.


Exhibit your Industrial IoT Prototype applications and services to a wide range of audience.

2019 Keynote Speakers

Chitra Balakrishna.png

Dr. Chitra Balakrishna

Open University, UK

Chitra is an expert on Cybersecurity and has 10+ years of experience in Mobile Communications, Networks, and Services.


Mr. Deyrick Allen

Managing Director | IOT Horizon Ltd, UK

Deyrick is a commercially focused leader with experience of multiple Digital Platforms and Technologies, across all Sectors of Industry including Manufacturing. Deyrick is the owner of IoT Horizon, a consultancy and solutions provider-based in Blackburn.

Industry Short Talks

The workshop will feature for short talks from the industries - 

  • Pycom Ltd – Emily Critenden on ‘IoT solutions from Pycom’

  • Hosokawa Gen4 – James Moore on ‘Digital Transformation in the Real World’

  • Defproc – Patrick Fenner

  • AIMES Management Services – Michael Walker on ‘Trusted Research Environment’

Workshop Program Committee


Dr. Princy Johnson

Liverpool John Moores University, UK


Mr. Gopi Garge

Director, SmartLancs Ltd., UK

Gopi is a Data Networks and Network Security professional with ongoing projects in IoT in Healthcare. He is a Fellow of the IPv6 Forum.


Mr. Soumya Kanti Datta

CEO | Digiotouch OU, Estonia

Soumya is an Expert in IoT and Cybersecurity. He is a Senior Member of IEEE.


Dr. Bharat Penumathsa


Bharat is a researcher in modelling of chemical process systems engineering with interests in design and implementation of Industrial IoT applications for biochemical/petrochemical plants.

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2017 Workshop Highlights

The first edition of this Internet of Things workshop was organized in November 2017 in Liverpool and focused on sensor technologies, applications, and entrepreneurship.

3 Keynotes

Industry keynotes from Telecom Italia, Brainboxes, and AIMES Grid Services Ltd.

75 Delegates

From academia and industry.

3 Exhibitors

Exhibitors/Startups across the UK IoT Ecosystems.

7 Tutorial Speakers

From academia and industry.

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