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5GVR Experiment Review - A Success


Digiotouch participated in the final review of EU H2020 Triangle 5G project with its experiment 5G Powered VR (5GVR) which tested its VR mobile app and a prototype of an Edge Computing (EC) platform in realistic 5G network scenarios.

To improve the Quality of Experience (QoE) of VR app end users, a EC application server was developed and deployed in the Triangle Testbed. The EC server enabled HQ VR content caching at and delivery from the edge of networks. At the end of 5GVR, the server has been integrated into the Paradise IoT Platform enhancing its capabilities and service offerings.

During the experiment, the MEC server streamed VR contents (1080p, 360 degree, and 8K videos) to the VR mobile app following two 5G use cases - (i) Urban (e.g. Internet cafe, office) and (ii) Suburban (e.g. festival, stadium, shopping mall). The Testbed components allowed logging of power consumption, network resources, smartphone resources (e.g. RAM, CPU, GPU), time to load and display 3D environments in the VR app. The analysis of the results revealed many details about the app behavior. DT has upgraded the app in terms of improved usability, intelligent handling of long response time, partial download, and timeout. A demo of a robotic arm mimicking human operations with a 360 degree video is shown below.

5GVR Experiment .png
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