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EU H2020 L4MS 1st Open Call Grant

28 March 2019, Tallinn, Estonia

Digiotouch along with Bright Cape (NL) and SKOR (NL) has been awarded a grant from the 1st Open Call of EU H2020 Logistics for Manufacturing SMEs (L4MS) project. The Application Experiment (AE) called ECOLOGISTICS addresses the implementation of smart solutions for fully End-to-End (last mile problem) and highly configurable (multi-vendor problem) automated logistics solutions. The project will utilize the open integration Platform of L4MS called OPIL together with a 3D simulator to deliver the solutions. Bright Cape led consortium is now working on the Phase I (March-April 2019) of the ECOLOGISTICS project where Digiotouch is in charge of the technical KPIs and system integration.

The envisioned impacts of the project include:

Increase in productivity and flexibility of manufacturing and logistics SMEs.

Increase in the number of manufacturing SMEs using logistics automation.

Increase in the number of small system integrators capable of installing logistics automation solutions.

The consortium will develop a technical proposal and an outline of the business plan presenting the existing challenges and solutions in the AE scope at the end of Phase I.


About L4MS: The project will deliver an open integration platform called OPIL (Open Platform for Innovations in Logistics) together with a 3D simulator to completely virtualize the intra-factory logistics automation. The L4MS project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No. 767642.

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