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Digiotouch in IEEE 5th World Forum on IoT (WF-IoT) 2019

9 April 2019

The 2019 IEEE 5th World Forum on the Internet of Things (WF-IoT 2019) will be organized during April 15-18, 2019 in Limerick, Ireland! With the theme titled "IoT and the Digital Revolution," the WF-IoT 2019 will feature a content-rich program with plenary presentations from international experts representing industry, government, technology providers, and the research community, sharing their thoughts, experiences, and the vision of the future for IoT. Hundreds of IoT subject matter experts will share practical implementations and lessons learned from successful deployments and operations that cover important aspects of IoT-related technology, operations, and policy.

Digiotouch will be present in the WF-IoT 2019 with its research paper titled "Modeling ACC with Cloud, Clouldlet for Autonomous Vehicle Platoon Using Petri Nets".

Abstract of the paper - Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) is an important component of any Advanced Driver Assistant System (ADAS) present in highly Autonomous Vehicles. In this paper, we have modeled and simulated a complex platooning system of such vehicles based on vehicular IoT, Cloudlets, and their ACC algorithm for determining the optimal Petri Net that can be used for such modeling purposes. The architectures were modeled with timed stochastic Petri Net as well as priority-based Petri Net for performing a comparative study. As a result, we could establish priority-based Petri Net as a better-suited modeling tool for complex IoT systems over timed stochastic Petri Net.

You can check out the plenary speakers and plenary panelists below.

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