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Digiotouch Community for Partnerships and Collaborations

Digiotouch builds and maintains a growing community of international organizations that are forming part of the next-generation IoT landscape. The Digiotouch Community is developed around the Cloud based, secure Paradise IoT Platform and brings together hardware, software service providers who want to share their knowledge and grow their IoT network. The community members also contribute in creating a human centric Internet which echos the European values on trust, resilience, sustainability, and inclusiveness. Digiotouch Community members embrace the Digital Transformation revolution brought by the disruptive development of IoT, Cybersecurity, Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, Immersive Technologies, and others.

Who is it for?

The Digiotouch Community brings together international organizations that embrace Digital Transformation through disruptive technologies for technical, business, social, and environmental positive impacts. The community is essentially for innovators from start-ups, SMEs, research institutes, large enterprises, public organizations, and innovation hubs across the world.

Why join?

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Become early adopter of Digiotouch products and Paradise IoT Platform services.

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Position your organization as a leading innovation and ICT service provider by joining the Digiotouch Community.

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Increase your organization's visibility and access opportunities for future collaboration, open calls, and grants on the next generation technologies as the main driver of societal transformations.

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Showcase your best practices, products, and services to the Digiotouch Community members.​

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Get a prime position place in future workshops organized by Digiotouch.

Current Digiotouch Community Members

Antum Lab LLP is on a mission to pave a new path to offer disruptive technologies in the form of products and services for the business community. This B2B firm fuels itself with the passion, experience and desire to bring easy access to newer technologies. Our first IP Antum Log, is a Blockchain Platform which is designed keeping in mind the supply chain and offered as a "Blockchain as a Service".

UPM FSKTM has utilized the Cloud based Paradise IoT Platform its in Smart Home based research.

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