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Digiotouch Wins 2nd Open Call Grant From Fed4FIRE+

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01-Nov-2019, Tallinn, Estonia

Digiotouch is pleased to announce that its experiment proposal titled "Dynamic Cybersecurity Risk Assessment Framework for Trust in IoT" (DRAFT) has been approved as a part of "SME Cascaded Experiments" Stage 2 of EU H2020 Fed4FIRE+ project.

Experiment summary - The current IoT market lacks a holistic and dynamic solution for cybersecurity risk assessment through automated analysis and determining trust of IoT products. As a result, majority of the consumers are cautious about adopting IoT products and services resulting into the technology not becoming mainstream yet. The DRAFT project builds upon our Stage 1 experiment CReAT to develop a novel dynamic and holistic cybersecurity risk assessment framework through automated analysis, attack vectors, threat surface analysis, cybersecurity risk resilience, and cost assessment. Such dynamic framework paves way for implementing an IoT device ‘trust seal’ specially devised for IoT device manufacturing industry and is motivated by the consumer demand for security and privacy capabilities. Testing the developed DRAFT framework and trust seal will be performed against at least five known and simulated cyberattacks including DDoS, insecure default settings, insecure ecosystem interfaces, insecure authentication/authorization, and lack of secure update mechanism in four testbeds - Virtual Wall, w-iLab.t, City of Things and Exogeni.

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