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Innovation Projects and Case Studies

Insights into success: learn about our innovation projects and technologies we are delivering.

De-biasing recruiter

Digiotouch has expertise in developing AI systems and di-biasing the inadvertently perpetuating biases present in the historically trained data, leading to unfair decisions. In the BIAS project it focuses on addressing concerns regarding the use of AI, particularly Natural Language Processing (NLP) tools, in the labor market. It aims to understand and rectify how AI in the labor market either exacerbates or helps alleviate this discrimination. 


Digiotouch provides a holistic perspective through the Life Cycle Sustainability Assessment, which helps to make informed decisions technology designers in an early phase by reducing environmental footprint, making the product or process more cost-effective and socially sustainable. In upPE-T and ZeroW projects DIGI is leading sustainable development.  

Cyber Security

Digitouch has experience in assessing vulnerabilities present in any system, design and secure network architectures, systems, and applications to minimize risks and provide an end-to-end security.  


Digiotouch is developing a VR app to upPE-T project to provide an immersive experience to European citizens. It is also developing a MOOC platform to recreate traditional classrooms in a virtual space, allowing students and teachers to interact in a more immersive environment through hands-on training. 

Ongoing Projects

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